AFDAU-T1 Upgrade Firmware to Version 1.4 [SB]

Date: 20th of November, 2023


– Added support for Spidertracks Spider X satellite/cell tracking device.

– Added support for MSI DSC load cell signal conditioner.

– Changed fill stop message enumeration to indicate a Fill Stop instead of a Fill event message.

– Fixed bug that caused negative altitudes to report erratically. Negative altitudes now report as 0m AMSL until
support for negative altitudes is added to the messaging protocol.

– Fixed bug that caused firmware load to sometimes fail.

– Fixed bug in self serialisation that allowed a unit to permanently store an invalid serial number. Added a
feature to allow units with invalid serial numbers to reserialise.

Product Effectivity:

– AFDAU-T1 [231-001-00]

Applicable Files:

Service Bulletin: AMS-SB-2023-001-Issue-1.pdf

AFDAU Firmware Version 1.4

AFDAU Config Tool for PC Version 1.1


Click the link below to download all the applicable files, including the latest AFDAU Config Tool