Aerial Firefighting Data Acquisition Unit

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PC Configuration Tool

The AFDAU Config Tool allows for easy firmware updates, configuration and diagnostics of the AFDAU hardware. 

Download the latest version by clicking on the latest software bulletin link on the left. The AFDAU firmware may need to be updated to use the latest version.


Frequently Asked Questions

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No two aircraft configurations are the same and each has to assessed per installation.

It is important to understand the sensors which the AFDAU-T1 needs to connect with on your aircraft, prior to installation. Depending on the Tank, Load Cell or Hopper being used and the sensor for transmitting level information, there may be additional components required.

The installation manual provides a list of all the sensors that the AFDAU-T1 interfaces to.

The AFDAU-T1 does not hold STC or TSO approvals and is not provided with any certifications or approvals for installation on any aircraft. The installer must seek approval from their local airworthiness authorities prior to installation on any aircraft.

Yes, the AFDAU-T1 has been environmentally tested to DO-160G and documentation is available to download with more information (see above). If further data is required with regards to this testing it can be supplied upon request.