With the release of Version 1.3 firmware for the AFDAU-T1, retrieving and producing flight reports that have been stored on the AFDAU-T1’s internal storage has never been easier.

Why Flight Reports?

Data Backup:

Sometimes things go wrong. Perhaps a network drop out or modem hardware fault means that your real-time data is not delivered to your tracking provider. This can be especially problematic if your aircraft is on contract and you need to show evidence of operations.

Internal and Client Reporting:

Getting your data in a clean and simple to understand format can be difficult and time consuming. Perhaps you have a tracking provider that you can download event data from but are you getting the information and insights you need in a clear and concise format immediately?

AMS Flight Reports:

As of Version 1.3 of the AFDAU-T1 Firmware some exciting new reporting features have been release along with our online report builder and data verification tool.

Log Summary

The flight summary provides an overview of how many flights where recorded, as well as total and average flight times in the record.

The AFDAU-T1 creates 1 event log per day, so this is a summary of the days operations:

Flight Summary

Each flight is summarized with a number identifier, the flight duration, takeoff and landing times.

Flight Load Summary

Within each flight is a summary of any onboarding of loads that the aircraft did in that time:

Lift Summary

A lift table provides the following insights:

Firebombing Summary

In the context of firefighting the AFDAU-T1’s internal firefighting flight models are applied to the lift data to produce the following insights:

In Summary

We are excited to present the industry with this tool which will help operators leverage their flight data recorded by the AFDAU-T1.

To find out more and get a demonstration of this tool in action reach out to our team today:


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